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Sri Vasireddy Vidya Sagar, Chairman of VIVA-VVIT Institutions, informed the press that Semi-Christmas was celebrated in their institutions by the Student Activity Council, with aplomb and fervor.

Firmly abide by the elders’ belief that, an educational institute is a temple of all religions,  VIVA-VVIT every year organizes holy Semi-Christmas event. Sri Sagar on this occasion urged the students to follow the spirit of sharing and caring, give and forgive as revealed by Lord Jesus through his life.

Chief Guest of this event Mr. Devi Prasad Sajja, a Singaporean of Indian Origin, gave the message about the importance of semi-Christmas and the teachings of Jesus Christ. He said that Jesus Christ came to this world to spread the message of love and harmony. He said knowing God should be the highest goal any man should set for himself. He said that “the Holy Bible claims that God has created this world equal for all men and women. The path shown by God to us is the ultimate one. One may find it tough to tread this path but ultimately it makes us happy as it leads us to everything good.” He also said that the youngsters being attracted to the punk of the world can be brought back to the vitality of the truth of life if they follow the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Christmas cake was distributed to all the students and faculty. The Christmas Carrols sung by the students, special Santa-Claus and other activities brought a divine touch that transported every one present to a meditative mood.

Chairman of VIVA-VVIT Institutions Sri V.Vidya Sagar, VVIT-Principal Dr. Y.Mallikarjuna Reddy, VIVA-School Principal Dr. C.T.Joshi, all staff, students present as decent audience for this holy event.

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