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SAC is the official student representative body of VVIT. SAC acts as a student representative medium among management, administration, faculty & students. SAC activity orientation is mainly associated with

Representing the students voice, aspirations and thoughts
Managing student welfare activities
Managing club activities
Feedback & initiatives in academics
Hostel and Mess Facilities
Sports facilities
Infrastructure,campus amenities
Student discipline,student problems,issues
Co-curricular & extra -curricular activities
and Anything and everything concerned with the students.


SAC as a responsive student centred organisation, represents the students voice, aspirations, thoughts, dreams and make them possible by providing excellent services, programs, products and facilities for the entire VVIT family with the support of advisory committee.

To create dynamic individuals who would be the leaders for positive change impacting the global community to grow as visionaries. The organisational structure of SAC is basically organised as councils. 
The hierarchical structure of SAC is three tiered architecture. Each tier represents specific functionality with aligned responsibilities, duties & rights as per the specific post & protocol.

The three tiers of hierarchical structure of
SAC are:

1) CWC(Central Working Committee)
2) Executive Body
3) General Body

CWC (Central Working Committee) is the core organising body of SAC. Central Working Committee plans, Executes & governs the functionality of SAC. The Central Working Committee(CWC) has the roles assigned to its members as:

I. President
II. CWC Members
III. Executive Body


CWC governs the Student Ordinate. President, Vice-President, General Secretary and few other members nominated/selected by the advisory committee.

President, Vice-President and General Secretary has a 1year tenure. The selection of the CWC shall be done by the Selection Council. CWC is the governing body of the entire student ordinate.

CWC shall frame policies, activities, events needed by the student ordinate and shall put for approval in advisory committee.

Once approved, all the approved policies shall be implemented by the Executive body.

CWC shall monitor the implementation of the frame work, policies, activities, events, preparation of academic calendar, budget planning, club structure, deciding hierarchy, delegation.

CWC monitors the functionality of the ordinate in the lines of vision, mission and objectives of SAC.

CWC acts as the guardian and watchdog of the standards, vision, reputation and universality of the student ordinate.

CWC governs the club events, club activities, framing the club structure, functioning of clubs and preparing policies.

CWC maintains external body relat ions, inter college relations.

CWC attends the needs and meeting the vision of college.

CWC is the official representative and decision implementing body of SAC.

Standing Council reports its activities and is answerable to Principal.

Performance evaluation of the CWC is done by Selection Commission.

CWC shall consult the Advisory Body, Vice president, General Secretary regarding the framing of the policies and decorum of the student ordinate.

CWC shall govern the execution of Clubs catering the needs of society at large.

CWC shall monitor the functionality of the clubs so that they would create a sustainable impact on the College and society at large.

CWC shall promote the college interests through clubs and shall frame the policy document, vision document based on the set goals objectives to hone the reputation of the College.

CWC shall act as medium between the student ordinate coordinators and various stakeholders associating with student ordinate catering the services of the student ordinate to the benefactors.

CWC monitors the execution of every activity so that the execution shall be with a broad purpose meeting the vision, mission and objectives.

CWC shall define the yardstick and standards for the activities of the student ordinate so that every activity is organized with the purpose qualitatively and not merely quantitative.

CWC governs the allotment of Funds, infrastructure for the activities, events of the clubs and committees.

CWC monitors the functionality of the committees and governs the office bearing works of the entire Student Ordinate.

Roles of CWC:


  • President is the head of the CWC and its meetings. 
  • President is the official representative of SAC in all the activities, events and various forums externally and internally.
  • President is the answerable person in regard to the governing of SAC.
  • President is the ultimate representation of SAC at all the College Functions & outside college Events.
  • President is the decision taking authority in the CWC on the constitution and discussion with the advisory committee.
  • Any decision taken by President and the action not performed well by President can immediately brought to the notice of the advisory committee shall be moved.
  • However a President can be removed from his/her post only by the approval of the Principal on consultation of advisory council.
  • President submits the overall report annual policy document of the student ordinate before the advisory council. 
  • President monitors the function of the members of the CWC as per their protocol.
  • President shall hold the meetings regularly (atleast weekly twice) with the coordinators.


  • VICE PRESIDENT monitors over the committees of SAC. 
  • Vice President governs the functionality of the committees with the help of the CWC. 
  • Vice President fixes the protocol of various members of the CWC. 
  • Vice President chairs the meetings and does the function of President in the absence of President. 
  • Vice President shall put forward the proposal for establishment of new committees (or) sub committees in CWC. 
  • Vice President shall report or shall submit the policies regarding or the requirements for committees in the executive council
  • Vice President holds the meetings regularly atleastonce with the chief executives of the committees to govern the functionality of the committees.
  • Vice President shall support the agenda and minutes of the meeting with the executive committee of the CWC.
  • On severe violation of disciplinary code of conduct by vice President , no confidence motion can be moved against him.
  • However a vice President can be removed from his/her post only on the approval of the Principal upon the consultation of advisory Council.


  • Secretary shall document all the proposals and policies of SAC with the help of the Drafting Committee.
  • Secretary shall propose and fix the agenda of the any meeting of the CWC and the executive council level.
  • Secretary shall achieve all the details of the student ordinate with the help of archery committee.
  • Secretary shall do the office bearing and management work of the entire student ordinate Secretary shall formulate and draft all the policies,bills, academic calendar, activity calendar of SAC.
  • Secretary shall draft the annual budget policy and maintenance allocation policy for various clubs
  • Secretary shall put forward the annual budget ,treasury of maintenance policy before the executive council and get the approval.
  • Secretary shall fix the agenda and schedule for executive council sessions and CWC sessions.
  • Secretary shall communicate the information of meetings of executive council and CWC to all the members.
  • Secretary shall decide the invites and participants of executive council CWC sessions.
  • Secretary shall allocate the portfolios to various members of CWC on consultation with the President, vice President.
  • Secretary shall co-ordinate with several college promoted clubs regarding their function and activities.
  • Secretary shall draft the academic calendar for academic year with consultation from advisory council.

Executive Body is the team of office bearers (or) Executive heads of various organs such as clubs and councils.Executive body represents the specific functionality , agenda, activities , events , projects , guidelines of SAC. Executive Body include co-ordination of clubs. Head &In-charges of committees/councils, projects.

General Body: Every VVIT student(VVITIAN) is by default a member of SAC. All VVITIANS by default become the general body of SAC. General body are the benefactors of various activities , events , festivals , conferences of clubs , councils.General body can give suggestions , feedback , ideas , complaints for the betterment of VVIT student fraternity & their facilities SAC Core Values.

We Value . . .
 Students as our central focus
 Honesty, integrity, professionalism and ethics above all else
 An environment that celebrates diversity, inclusiveness and respect for
individual differences
 A competitive spirit where everyone is challenged to give their best for a
common cause
 Feedback and constructive criticism to improve our level of service
We Offer . . .
 Opportunities for students to develop social, leadership, organizational and
interpersonal skills
 A platform where students can initiate personal ideas and programs
 An engaged staff who listens, cares and can empathize with students and
their personal situations
 A supportive and challenging environment that enhances students’
intellectual growth and development of practical skills
 A venue for students to gain transferable skills to assist them in their future
career endeavours
We Strive . . .
 To serve the campus as a central point of student interaction both inside and
outside the classroom
 To remain committed to VVIT and its mission initiatives
 To offer a collaborative work environment among departments with a focus
on teamwork, open communication and shared goals
 To gain knowledge and a greater understanding of the human culture and
our personal and social responsibilities in a democratic society
 To remain humble, reflective, and focused on achieving our goals and living
the Student Affairs mission and vision in all of our act.

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