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Internships at VVIT

Education is one of the fundamental essentials which acts as a foundation or the building blocks which pave the way for one’s career. It provides technical skills, inculcates cultural norms and values, and enables quality learning. On the other hand, Internships play a crucial role in shaping one’s career.

The generic definition of internship is a brief period of work experience undertaken by students/learners to apply the knowledge they have gained in academics, to solve real world business problems. It is an excellent learning opportunity for students/learners to furnish, enhance and apply their communication skills, leadership skills, problem-solving, and critical thinking by honing their existing skills and transition to global corporate professionals.

Internship also provides an insight to what it takes to get the job done at the workplace, understand the practical challenges while solving business problems, interact with experts and work in teams. The social skills that are built through their connections with other students/learners and employees will be invaluable. 

Pertinent work /hands-on experience is now just as valuable as one’s degree and exam results when it comes to building a successful career. As a result, internships (whether it is from actual job experience, volunteer work, or interning at a company) have become an essential way to help fresh career aspirants stand out right fit in the current cut-throat competition. 



  • allows to work with the best minds in the industry and help implement the theoretical concepts learnt, to the practical field of work.
  • helps getting acquainted with Current Trends and Industry
  • provides exposure to the real world
  • gives a platform to establish critical networking connections
  • allows to learn more about oneself
  • leads to gain a competitive edge

Internship Program at VVIT:

            The journey of undergoing certification programs on trending (emerging) technologies and INTERNSHIP/s begins right from III semester mandatorily to all the undergraduates (B.Tech) of VVIT.

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